Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

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Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

Incoming project : BRUSSELS INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL (29.08.2022 – 10.09.2022)

Belgium is known for its unique humour, but it’s time to show the world that we can do anything. So, let us introduce the BIFFF Festival to you ! Aka the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, it’s one of the largest fantasy film festivals in the world. For 13 days, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the temple of fantasy, horror, science-fiction, thriller, and surrealism. In addition to numerous exhibitions, street theatre performances, magical creatures, and the famous Vampire Ball, more than 150 international films are previewed here. 2000 artists and professionals are invited to share their passion and experience of cinema in a fantastic atmosphere. Above all, it’s a unique concept that attracts more than 50,000 spectators every year!

What about the volunteer work

With this mind-blowing presentation, you would almost forget that… There is a lot of work to do ! Volunteers will be part of the local team composed of more than 100 volunteers. They will have to be ready to work at least 5 hours every day. Tasks will be clarified continuously during the festival but volunteers will mainly work with the public : ticket checking, public circulation, general information… Volunteers might also have to do some physical work before and after the festival. Unfortunately, you won’t only enjoy the festival… It will be hard work too. The job will be more or less the same throughout the whole festival. Volunteers will have to work during the whole festival, from the beginning to the end. They will have to be present 2 days BEFORE. If you plan it in advance, you will be allowed to take a 3-day break maximum. During their free time, they will have the opportunity to go to the festival and enjoy the films and events (projections start at 3:00 PM and end at 1:00 AM).

Accommodation & food

Foreign volunteers will be welcomed by local volunteers already implied in the Festival for many years. You will be hosted in “couchsurfing” conditions in order to facilitate the intercultural exchanges, to create new friendships and to spread the motivation among the participants. All the hosts will be located in Brussels itself, please bring a sleeping bag.

The organization will give volunteers sandwiches, drink tickets and food tickets during the festival. The equivalent of one meal will be provided every day. There are lots of shops, small snacks (pizza, fries, sandwiches, Chinese food…) and bars in Brussels.

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