Our young CPAS volunteers are flying to Spain !

Posted by: Intern SVI Category: Non classé 1 Post Date: 2022-03-22

Our young CPAS volunteers are flying to Spain !

In 2021, SVI Belgium undertook to coordinate and accompany 32 young people with fewer opportunities who are beneficiaries from six different CPAS (Public Center of Solidarity Action) on 15-days volunteering projects within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) !

Thus, SVI France and SVI Belgium have merged their actions to be able to send four Belgians and four French young citizens to four different countries eager to welcome them.

Last year, two projects already took place successfully in Iceland and in Slovenia. It was a unique opportunity for those teenagers to create a positive dynamic, which can be valued and transferred within the professional and training framework, without forgetting the more personal contributions such as non-formal learning, maturity, confidence and so much more. 

The new group that we had the pleasure to meet last week, is leaving on 23 March for the eco-village of Los Portales ! This very special farm was founded in 1984 and is located in Castilblanco de Los Arroyos (Sevilla, Spain). It’s one of the oldest and most stable in Spain. Volunteers will participate in various activities such as garden management and organic farming in order to feed about 40 people, cooking and learning about nutrition at the same time. They will also take care of a herd of goats and help with the milk production and processing to make delicious cheese and yogurt.

This project really embodies the SVI and its coordinators’ objectives. It enables these young people who have little opportunities to travel and discover new horizons, through volunteering. A member of the SVI will accompany and guide them throughout those 2 weeks. Our cooperation with the members of Los Portales is very precious to us as we share the same values and want to make the best of this ever-changing, globalized world. We are, of course, grateful to the European Union to make this possible ! 💙

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