See U – Our Brussels Headquarters

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See U – Our Brussels Headquarters

Located in the cradle of the European capital, come and discover the multicultural and inspiring atmosphere of our Belgian offices ! 

SVI’s Belgian offices are located in Louvain-La-Neuve and Ixelles. However, today, we are going to describe the one located in the heart of Ixelles at See U (the former police barracks of Fritz Toussaint). The site gathers a set of associative, educational, academic and cultural projects as well as local actors committed to social and sustainable innovation. These values are in line with those of SVI which, in its national and international activities, seeks to encourage young people to be active and supportive in the society in which they live.  

At the See U, you will find a multicultural atmosphere. The mix of languages, the colours of the tagged walls and the music from all over the world that you can hear are a real invitation to travel. In the evening, you can have a drink in the courtyard at the guinguette with the other users of See U. An independent cinema shows films from all over the world every week. There is a lot of entertainment and a good mood, just like in our offices. If you are in Brussels, come and discover this incredible place in the centre of the capital !

But why Brussels? 

What could be better than Brussels as the European capital? Due to its geographical location, it has become the seat of many international institutions such as NATO or the European Parliament. It’s in this perspective that the SVI finds its groove as an association encouraging international and European volunteering. The cosmopolitan city and its institutions offer visitors the opportunity to travel through the streets. All five senses are awakened when you walk through the streets of Brussels. 

Are you excited? 

See U soon (hopefully) !

P.S: if you are curious about our Louvain-la-Neuve headquarters, take a look at this TikTok video !

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